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barmytammakar in swampscribes

lots of stuff....

Updates on a few things:

1.  We need to coordinate with Pop Culture Club for the Hunter S. Thompson stuff. Corey has volunteered to attend Pop Culture's meeting at noon on Monday the 28th, but he could use some company if anyone's available. They also meet at 2:30 on Thursday, if anybody not in Dr. Ford's class is available.
2.  SABR approved our funding request for the workshop and reading by Dr. Gildersleeve from Oklahoma State Uni.  The workshop size will be limited to 20 (with 15 to 18 being her preferred number) and will require signing up ahead of time.  The reading and Q-and-A will be open to the whole campus, of course.  I'd like for us to do lunch for her too, something like we did for Diaz maybe, if that's possible.  I'll have more details about her plans soon, but what she's working on right now is the connection between poetry and the personal essays--ways to apply poetic thinking  and sensibility to personal essays--so the workshop part will probably be along those lines.  She writes all kind of stuff, from poetry to academic essays, so I'm hoping she'll do a mix of things for the reading.  The tentative date is March 19th, the Tuesday after spring break.  She needs to do it that week if possible because it's her spring break and the easiest time for her to get away from her duties at OSU.  That means we'll have to do some MAJOR publicity before the break and a big reminder campaign on the 18th since people will tend to forget about things over the break.
3.  We have a tentative date of March 20 down for a Swampside Express, but we're probably going to have to change that because it's the same week Dr. Gildersleeve wants to come and because Dr. Ford and a couple of our members will be away at a conference on that date.
4.  We still need someone to take charge of following up with the preliminary negotiations Ashton started to get the poet laureate to visit.
5. I hope to have more news soon on the status of our proposal to start an online literary zine based at MCC-Venice.  It's all very complicated because it involves both Student Activities and Academic Affairs, etc., but we are working on it.
6.  Officers need to meet soon to talk about a few financial matters and come up with recommendations to present to the whole group.

Sorry I couldn't make it to the joint meeting with Progressive Club--I just have a lot of crazy stuff going on this semester and am thus having a hard time scheduling stuff.


a couple of follow-ups

Looks like Dr. Gildersleeve will be here on Tuesday, April 1, for her reading and workshop. After further negotiations we decided that the previously mentioned date of March 19 just wasn't going to work very well. More details soon.

Seems that the simplest solution to our problem date for Swampside Express is just to postpone it one week, from March 20 to March 27. How does that sound to everyone?