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Swamp Scribes of MCC

Your creative writing club.

MCC Swamp Scribes
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Welcome from The Swamp Scribes Club of Manatee Community College, Venice Campus!

The Swamp Scribes Club has been established to provide its members an out-of-class medium to discuss and exchange ideas, to further the imagination, creativity and originality of its members, students and the community.

The purpose of The Swamp Scribes is to nurture the creative, to further the understanding and the pleasure of original works by our members and community and to promote diversity of views by studying and performing works from other cultures.

Our Mission is as follows:

1 Promote tolerance of differing views by creating a positive environment for the exchange of ideas.

2 Show appreciation of our fellow scribes and their imaginative stories and poems, and other works of literary art.

3 Open the door to the millions of writing styles and to participate in the reading and listening to art by holding Swampside Poetry reading events and other open artistic forums.

4 Become better informed as writers and artists by inviting outside community poets and authors to speak at our school.

5 Promote awareness in our school, community, and families of current works of literary art and past works that have shaped our lives.