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Thompson books

Imagine! Our school library has very little in the way of Hunter S. Thompson books--just FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL, in fact, and that's not even shelved on our campus--so, your conspiring advisors have been talking about purchasing a few and donating them to our library in anticipaton of the HST writing contest. If nothing else, we were thinking of HELL'S ANGELS and FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. Weigh in, will you?


Now that I've (mostly) returned to the land of the living, I have this to say: yes.

This is me weighing in. I am weighing in. Consider my weight weighed.
I am 156lbs.

The Sexagenarians: The Odd and Feverishly Moderate Clash Over Stale Beverages

I fully support your nomination for the Republican party and I, too, have seen atrocities at unadulterated tea parties. There was no milk; I figured they were stimulating this kind of behavior. I noted a certain calming affect, after things cooled down and fists and flurries stopped being thrown, in the resettling of the bulldog jowls in between sips. These were classy men, even in their scuffles.

(Yes, I think those are both good choices. Any Thompson is great.)