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Mar. 27th, 2008




Me, Sarah, and Peter Straub

Sarah and Dr. Ford during Sarah's paper on Dracula/I am Legend


Mar. 25th, 2008


IAFA Conference: Part Two

Wow, I am an idiot when it comes to livejournal. It took me thirty minutes to figure how to post, and somehow I just lost the whole post and am starting over. Whew! Anyway, I saw Christy's post and it was really excellent and I will try not to just repeat what she said. 

I should start by just thanking Swamp Scribes for supporting us because we really did have an awesome time. I am in awe of the people I met, the papers I heard, and the conversations we had. It was just a really cool experience. Huge thanks to Dr. Ford for helping me out with the paper and showing us the ropes of the conference!

I was initially very nervous about presenting my paper, but it really wasn't any different from the panel papers we have to do in Ford and Culpepper's classes. So once I just thought of it that way it went pretty smoothly. 

We met some very cool people: 
Mads Haahr presented a paper on Silent Hill 2. He teaches at Trinity College in Dublin and apparently is working on a psychic couch over there. He was very nice and it was fun talking about video games and learning how the college system works over there.
Elizabeth Miller (like Christy said, one of THE Dracula scholars) was very nice and supportive. She gave me an article that compared the same works I did (Dracula and I Am Legend) using race. 
I wasn't familiar with L. E. Modesitt but he was a very nice man and spent a long time talking with us about the process of writing a novel. He also introduced us to Peter Straub (who I was embarassingly nervous about meeting. But he's a very tall, kind of imposing guy in my defense), who was very pleasant.
Michael Arnzen (who came to MCC last year) was also there. It was a lot of fun meeting him again and getting to hear his teaching tactics as well as some more deliciously gruesome poetry! 

We also met a variety of professors and scholars that were incredibly friendly and supporting. The best thing about the conference was just the encouragement we got. I feel very reaffirmed in my decision to become an English professor. 
It is a great experiece, so if anyone gets the oppurtunity -- definitely take it. I really could say so much more but this post would be a lot longer than it already is.

Mar. 23rd, 2008


My trip to the IAFA conference in Orlando

I just got back from the IAFA conference, and let me just say WOW.... It was awesome!  I have never felt so humbled and yet so honored at the same time in my entire life.  Sarah and I were possibly the only undergrad students at a conference of mostly teachers, and a few Grad students.  We attended panels on video games, vampires, pedagogy (the art of teaching), and horror.  Nearly all of the panels were very informative and engaging.  However, it was the discussions held after the panels, and throughout our "free time" that was most interesting. 

Feb. 11th, 2008


need a photo

 I'd really like to get a digital image of our real MCC "swamp" to replace the generic pic that's on the Web site now.  Does anyone have the the ability to make this happen?

Feb. 4th, 2008


maybe another visiting poet/non-fiction writer

 This is just at the tentative stage, but we might be able to get Christopher Merrill, a poet and non-fiction writer from Iowa, to do a reading and workshop (on either poetry or non-fiction--it's negotiable) for little to no cost, possibly sort of in conjunction with the Swampside Express that we've tentatively rescheduled for March 27.  I'll keep you posted. (I took the liberty of assuming that we're interested.)

Jan. 30th, 2008


Thompson books

Imagine! Our school library has very little in the way of Hunter S. Thompson books--just FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL, in fact, and that's not even shelved on our campus--so, your conspiring advisors have been talking about purchasing a few and donating them to our library in anticipaton of the HST writing contest. If nothing else, we were thinking of HELL'S ANGELS and FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. Weigh in, will you?

Jan. 28th, 2008


help with beach cleanup?


My name is Niki Mast and I serve as Vice President of Fellowship in Phi Theta Kappa's Alpha Mu Upsilon chapter - Venice campus.  Club Rush was tons of fun, but I feel it would be even more fun to get these great groups together for a great cause!  We have been brainstorming for the perfect fellowship/community service event and have finally decided on a successful event from last semester: beach clean ups at BlindPass beach :)  The beach clean ups will take place once a month, on February 23rd, March 29th, and April 19th.  Yes, they are Saturdays, so we will begin the cleanup at 11am.  This is a come and go at your leisure event.  Friends and family are more than welcome! I do ask that you please announce this at your meetings so that everyone is informed and will be welcome to join in on this opportunity to get together and know each other better and help out the community.  We will also need an estimate of attendees for February 23rd to ensure there are enough snacks, beverages, trash bags and of course gloves for every attendee.
Please consider how this can benefit everyone, and I will arrange to have forms for travel/liability in each club advisor's office by an appropriate date.
Spread the word and I can't wait to hear from you all!
Have a great week!

Jan. 27th, 2008


(no subject)

How's this for a Hunter S. Thompson flier?

Feel like getting gonzo?

Enter the
Hunter S. Thompson Write-alike Contest
Sponsored by Swamp Scribes!

Portrayed by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson virtually invented “gonzo” journalism, which involved 1st person narration and blurred distinctions between fiction and reality.

Entries may should be 600-1,200 words and must be submitted by Feb. 11th.
Entries may be about any subject.

E-mail entries to either fordd@mccfl.edu or culpepa@mccfl.edu, or drop them off in the faculty offices of the 600 building to Dr. Ford or Dr. Culpepper

Winners will be announced on Feb. 20th, the anniversary of Thompson’s death.



lots of stuff....

Updates on a few things:

1.  We need to coordinate with Pop Culture Club for the Hunter S. Thompson stuff. Corey has volunteered to attend Pop Culture's meeting at noon on Monday the 28th, but he could use some company if anyone's available. They also meet at 2:30 on Thursday, if anybody not in Dr. Ford's class is available.
2.  SABR approved our funding request for the workshop and reading by Dr. Gildersleeve from Oklahoma State Uni.  The workshop size will be limited to 20 (with 15 to 18 being her preferred number) and will require signing up ahead of time.  The reading and Q-and-A will be open to the whole campus, of course.  I'd like for us to do lunch for her too, something like we did for Diaz maybe, if that's possible.  I'll have more details about her plans soon, but what she's working on right now is the connection between poetry and the personal essays--ways to apply poetic thinking  and sensibility to personal essays--so the workshop part will probably be along those lines.  She writes all kind of stuff, from poetry to academic essays, so I'm hoping she'll do a mix of things for the reading.  The tentative date is March 19th, the Tuesday after spring break.  She needs to do it that week if possible because it's her spring break and the easiest time for her to get away from her duties at OSU.  That means we'll have to do some MAJOR publicity before the break and a big reminder campaign on the 18th since people will tend to forget about things over the break.
3.  We have a tentative date of March 20 down for a Swampside Express, but we're probably going to have to change that because it's the same week Dr. Gildersleeve wants to come and because Dr. Ford and a couple of our members will be away at a conference on that date.
4.  We still need someone to take charge of following up with the preliminary negotiations Ashton started to get the poet laureate to visit.
5. I hope to have more news soon on the status of our proposal to start an online literary zine based at MCC-Venice.  It's all very complicated because it involves both Student Activities and Academic Affairs, etc., but we are working on it.
6.  Officers need to meet soon to talk about a few financial matters and come up with recommendations to present to the whole group.

Sorry I couldn't make it to the joint meeting with Progressive Club--I just have a lot of crazy stuff going on this semester and am thus having a hard time scheduling stuff.

Jan. 25th, 2008


Just wanted to mention:

Prof. Kemper wants to sponsor another poetry contest for this semester. He provided a $100 prize for last years winner and he wants to do that again. Please bring it up at the next meeting if I can't be there! Thanks!


Students Giving Papers at Upcoming Conference

Two of our members, Christy Hicks and Sarah Benton, will be presenting papers at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts this coming March. Check out their names on the program and be sure to congratulate them when you see them on campus!


Jan. 24th, 2008


Dates and stuff ahead

If Ford types something in a silent forum, has he made a sound? We have some dates ahead of us now, and here they are:

Feb. 26 (evening) Swampside Poetry
March 20th (afternoon) Swampside Express
April 8 (evening?) 123Slam

Also, we have some unfinished business: Katherine Sherin-Zauner told Ashton Goggans (who has since graduated) that she'd be willing to come speak to us, but we need someone to follow up and make that happen. I can do the leg-work, sure, but it's always more meaningful when one of you active students does it. Any volunteers?

Nov. 22nd, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday greetings and also a heads-up. I popped over to www.microhorror.com on a lark, and I can see that there are bunches and bunches of stories popping up there that have been written by our scribes. Hop over there and start browsing recent stories, including a dandy one by a certain "E. G. Venancio." I've enjoyed all the stories that have been posted, and I hope that I haven't missed anyone who might be hiding behind a pseudonym. (Guys, why conceal potential publication credits behind a pseudonym? Take credit for your work!)

Nov. 12th, 2007


Arnzen tomorrow!

Michael Arnzen's officially in town now and he's ready to wow you tomorrow in the Selby room. Breakfast begins at 9:30 and the talk starts at 11:00. He'll have copies of his new book ready to sell, so bring cash!


Nov. 9th, 2007


More microhorror--now from Luke Williams!

It's becoming a place for the hip and happening writers of MCC. Go here now: http://www.microhorror.com/microhorror/author/luke-e-williams/the-ground/

Nov. 4th, 2007


Huzzah for Jim!

Please go to http://www.microhorror.com/microhorror/ and see who won an award for some Halloween flash fiction. The winning story, "The Patch," is a dandy one!

Oct. 29th, 2007


More Microhorror!

Hey, another one of our dear members submitted a story to Microhorror--go here: http://www.microhorror.com/microhorror/author/james-lacey/home-sweet-home/

Oct. 23rd, 2007


Three contributer copies of the anthology left

If you contributed to the anthology and still haven't received your copy, please let me know so that I can get one to you.

Oct. 18th, 2007


Uh oh, Dr. Tofu is at it again.

Shameless self-promotion time. Got a work of flash fiction on a web zine called Microhorror, but it ain't pretty. Go here at your own risk, and while you're at it, why don't some of you horror types submit something to them as well?: http://www.microhorror.com/microhorror/author/douglas-ford/an-ill-fit/



We have to submit activity forms (in addition to room requests, etc.) in advance for all the stuff we're doing.  Dr. Tofu did the form for our writing workshop (the help other people one), and I have it, but I need an officer signature.  I tried to find an officer around campus this afternoon, but everyone had already left (not a complaint--it was pretty late in the day--just a fact).

I started filling out forms for the Arnzen breakfast and the the story circle, but I don't know all the info. that's needed, so I'll have to consult with the people dealing with those events.  (The form for the slam has already been submitted.)  If we're going to sell snacks at the story thingy, that involves quite a bit more paperwork.  For one thing, we have to submit a form in advance (it's supposed to be three weeks in advance, which is obviously impossible, but we do need to get in done quickly), and the form requires us to designate exactly what we're planning to do with the money, etc.  Then we'll have to do the paperwork to set up the account to put the money in.  What exactly are we planning to use the money for?




Anyone game?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oct. 17th, 2007



Breakfast at Arnzen's:

Last meeting we discussed the pot luck breakfast we're having for Arnzen, and I said I would post a list of stuff and let people say what they can bring. Here's the list:
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leave a comment if you can bring anything or think something else should be on the list.



Senior Florida Poet Laureate

I have had the fortunate experience of doing a profile story for the Herald Tribune on Katherine Sherin-Zauner. Zauner is the recipient of the 2007 Senior Poet Laureate position and is a rather prolific writer having published over 600 pieces and received over 250 awards. She is interested in speaking at MCC whenever we would like to have her. I tried to copy and paste some of her work but couldnt figure it out. I will bring some to the next meeting. I think it would be a great event. Let me know if you are all interested.



Slam rlues/format:

I hope to see everyone on 10/25!

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Interested? Email swampscribesmail@gmail.com for more info or to sign up.

All in all it should be good, fun times. You might even win our amazing “123SLAM” belt and a whole year of bragging rights!


Minutes from yesterday's meeting:

Wow, guys! Awesome meeting, we accomplished so much. Behind the cut is everything we talked about, and remember, if you missed it there will be another one on 10/24 (which is my birthday!).

Later today I will post all the documents mentioned in the minutes.

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